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As I write this I am approximately 36.8 years old.  I just finished a recovery row, noting that I’ve rowed 130k over the last year, which does not include any mileage accumulated during WODs.  I have never run a mile over 6:20, I’ve never had a body fat percentage over 7% and I’ve never weighted more than 192lbs.  In fact, my adult life has been spent gaining and keeping weight, rather than trying to losing it. 

I consistently train 5 days a week but I do something every day.  I do not smoke or do drugs and my alcohol consumption has dwindled down next to nothing over the years.  Although I have been injured, I have never ceased training.  This includes having 2 hernia surgeries in my early 20’s.  In fact, following my first surgery the doctor recommended I avoid weight training all together and opt for body weight exercises.  Had I listened to him at the age of 20 I would not be in my current profession.  Which reminds me, the worst shape I’ve ever been in was during boot camp simply because all we did was calisthenics.  Today I have a 1.5 times body weight Clean & Jerk, a 2.2+ body weight squat and a 5:30 mile. 

Although my training methods have evolved over the years three things are consistent:

  1. I have 20 years of bench, squat and deadlift under my belt
  2. I have always pushed myself as hard as possible, rarely saving anything for later
  3. I have never stopped learning and competing

I have always been driven and determined to drive those around me.  I have always believed that everyone should seek the highest levels of fitness.  People have argued that everyone is different and not everyone shares that mindset.  They are wrong.  There is nothing different or special about the essence of human physiology.  My pursuit of knowledge over the years coupled with my experience has reinforced that the true essence of human nature is to live at the tip of the spear.  Challenged people remain eager, alert and hungry.  Keeping one’s self at a heightened state of physical preparedness ensures the system is ready and the mind remains sharp. 

Overweight, out of shape people are lethargic and have poor attention to detail.  They are not operating at their very best and they fail to live up to their potential despite any success they may appear to have at face value.  If observed closely this is an undeniable fact. 

These thoughts have been on my mind lately.  As a young professional I heard it all. 

How do you think fit people become fit?  You cannot lose something you never let go.  I swore to myself in those early years that I would remain an example through the years.  At 36 I continue to push boundaries.  It is my intention to stave off the walker and be bad ass at 90.  How will you challenge yourself?  

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